We provide sheet metal fabrication with CNC punching to form all kinds of shapes on stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel, with thicknesses up to 0.25”. Our Strippit FC 1000RII turret punch cell is equipped with 20 stations -16 stations with hole capacities up to 1.25" diameter, and the remaining 4 stations having 3.5" hole diameter capacity. A wide range of sheet metal components, including electrical/electronic chassis, cabinets, metal brackets, and panels can be produced using LMI CNC Turret Punch.

Features such as knockouts, louvers, and dimples can be incorporated on sheet metal parts according to customer requirements. The multi-part nesting capability of our CNC punching machine allows for maximum productivity gain and reduced material scrap. We use SolidWorks and CamWorks for down load of customer drawings and programming of LMI Turret Punch. Our Global Shop Solutions manufacturing software integrates all tasks including creation of cost estimates, proposals, order receipts, and shop routers.
Unit of Measure


Punching Operations

N/A Blanking Dimpling Punching and Nibbling Shaving

Typical Form Features

N/A Dimples Extruded Holes Knockouts Louvers

Value Added Services

N/A Engraving J.I.T Deliveries Silk Screening

Inspection and Testing

N/A CMM Inspection Environmental Testing Performance Testing Quality In-process Inspection

Software Used

N/A CamWorks Global Shop Solutions (ERP Software) SolidWorks



N/A Aluminum Brass Copper Galvanized Steel Inconel Mild Steel Stainless Steel Titanium

Maximum Sheet Size

N/A 40 x 96 in

Maximum Material Thickness (Steel)

N/A 0.25 in

Maximum Hole Capacity

N/A 3.5 in

Max Throughput

N/A 400 hits per minute

Quality Certifications

N/A AS9100 Rev D - Certified by NSF-ISR ISO 9001:2015 - Certified by NSF-ISR

Acceptable Drawing Formats


Equipment Specifications

Strippit FC 1000R II CNC Turret Punch

N/A Punching Capacity (people also call it max punch force): 23 ton
No. of Stations: 20 (16 with 1.25" hole capacity, 4 with 3.5" hole capacity)

Strippit 1000R CNC Turret Punch

N/A Punching Capacity: 20 ton
No. of Stations: 20 (with 3 Auto Indexing Stations)
Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.005”

Strippit AG CNC Punch Press

N/A Punching Capacity: 30 ton
Axis Travel: 30" x 39.37"
Positioning Speed: Up to 590 IPM
Positioning Accuracy: +/- .005"
Sheet Size: 18" x 30"

Inspection Equipment

N/A FARO Measuring Devices for CMM Inspections

Additional Information


N/A Auto Parts Cabinets Electrical/Electronic Chassis Front Panels Heat Sinks Metal Brackets Sheet Metal Enclosures Washers

Industries Served

N/A Aerospace Industrial/Commercial Medical Military Transportation