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    We can precisely laser cut a wide range of sheet metal parts of varying thicknesses, such as titanium, aluminum, stainless, and mild steel materials. LMI specializes in precision laser cutting services for prototype, short and long run production parts. Our fabrication shop is equipped with the Trumpf L2530 ( 3000w ) laser-cutting machine for producing precision cut parts with high repeatability. We laser cut sheet sizes up to 48" x 96", while maintaining tolerances of +/- 0.005".

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    We provide sheet metal fabrication with CNC punching to form all kinds of shapes on stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel, with thicknesses up to 0.25”. Our Strippit FC 1000RII turret punch cell is equipped with 20 stations -16 stations with hole capacities up to 1.25" diameter, and the remaining 4 stations having 3.5" hole diameter capacity. A wide range of sheet metal components, including electrical/electronic chassis, cabinets, metal brackets, and panels can be produced using LMI CNC Turret Punch.

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    LMI’s metal fabrication shop is equipped with 5 precision forming brakes, tonnage capacities ranging from 50 tons to 165 tons, with forming widths up to 10ft. Titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, brass, and copper are materials commonly processed by us.

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    We provide MIG, TIG, stick, robotic, and spot welding services for components ranging from simple brackets to those with complicated designs. Various OEM manufacturers as well as industries, such as medical, and aerospace, employ our welding services for fabrication.

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    Our finishing services are extensive and can perform diverse operations in-house, such as grinding, deburring, buffing, and polishing operations. In-house plating operations include Mil-spec-certified anodizing and SAE-certified passivation services. Other types of plating, such as electroless nickel plating, chromate conversion coating, and chrome plating, are also available for customers. We can surface finish your components by sand blasting, bead blasting, and sand brush finishing.